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Our Process and Methodology

Our four-step methodology facilitates our ability to quickly understand and act upon your complex business needs so that we may rapidly deliver well considered solutions through the creative integration of smart strategy, memorable design, and innovative technology.

The Definition Phase is employed to clearly assess how Creative Integration of strategy, design, and technology can be used to best solve a customer need. This phase may include everything from visual systems assessments to brand assessments to engineering requirement assessments to user research.

The Concept Phase is exploratory. During this phase, integrated models are considered and rapidly built in order to identify a single solution that most effectively uses the synergy between design, strategy and technology to address the defined customer need. Models may take various forms from a prototype to a series of sketches to digital story boarding..

The concept that demonstrates the most merit is explored and refined during this phase. Each component required to turn the concept into a viable business solution is considered, created, and prepared for final integration. These components can range from creation of detailed positioning platforms to visual design templates to programming interfaces.

In this last phase, the chosen solution is implemented, carefully integrating each strategy, design, and technology component to achieve a compelling, user-centered solution.




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